Because ‘never again’ is happening before our eyes!

Lola Rosario
1 min readMar 30, 2024


bludgeoned + battered
they were left to die
on the side of the road
that once led to their neighborhood
adjacent to the mosque
that once existed, but now too is gone
under the rubble of the building
that used to house their home

crippled + maimed
they were left to perish
in a hospital with not enough beds
or surgeons or nurses or medical equipment
or latex gloves or clean bedsheets
or sterilized operating tools
or morphine to ease pain

destitute + fearful
they were left to succumb
to infectious diseases
that could have been prevented
and could have been treated
had their lives been deemed worthy

abandoned + helpless
children are without their mothers
their sisters, their brothers, their cousins
they go to sleep without their grandfathers
to sing to them or their grandmothers
to shower them with endless kisses
they wake up without their friends
without their books, their toys or their favorite blanket

all I am left to ask is
how did ‘never again’ become
their interminable inferno?

Shukran for reading.




Lola Rosario

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